Zaremba: It would be really nice to play at the World Championships

2010-12-23, Author: SK, tłum. Maciej Tokarski print page

„I'd love to go to the World Championships, it's mine goal and every players dream come true, but the final decision belongs to the coach” - says Mateusz Zaremba, after games against Romania

VTK: What happened in the second game? You played much better than on Saturday...
Mateusz Zaremba: We trained much harder before the first game, and that's why, s you could see we were a little bit tired. Before the second game we have watched a video, analyzed our mistakes and then played much better. We talked a lot about the first game, which didn't come out the way we planned. On Sunday we were much more determined and also, each one of us played a better game individually.

VTK: Your beginning to score goals in a new style – after jumping from two legs. Do you try to model on a specialist in this kind of throws, Grzegorz Tkaczyk?

Mateusz Zaremba: Grzesiek way of doing it is much harder, it more technically. Mine is easier. The variety of throws helps me a lot, besides I'm just using my physicality. I have quite a good reach while jumping and can easily dodge the rivals block.

VTK: The running over time injury of Krzysztof Lijewski is your chance to go to Sweden with the national team...

Mateusz Zaremba: I'm trying not to think a about it, It's Christmas time now, and everyone just wants to spend some time with their families, just enjoy being with them. After all, we don't have much time for it during the year. Of course I'd love to go to the World Championships, it's mine goal and every players dream come true, but the final decision belongs to the coach

VTK: What do you think about the understanding of the team, based entirely on the players from Polish Superleague. It was the first time You played in such squad.

Mateusz Zaremba: I think it worked rather well, especially in the second game we showed that we can play some good handball. Of course sometimes we made mistakes, but as you have said, it was our first game in such squad.

VTK: As a Vive Targi player, what can you say about other players from Kielce?

Mateusz Zaremba: I think all of them played well. It's hard for me to give any opinions about other players, but I'm sure coach Bogdan Wenta will do it.

VTK: Do you feel tired after games in the league and these two games with Romania?

Mateusz Zaremba: A little, but it's normal. We played a few games in the league, than two games in the National Team. But we are well prepared for the season, so it's not such a big problem. Now we have a few days off because of the Christmas. We'll rest and regenerate both physically and mentally.

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